Projects > White Constructions (2016-Present)

White Constructions, begun in 2016, is an ongoing series in which Corona considers the arbitrary and deliberate construction of race in the United States and its negative effects on black and brown people. Insisting that the hierarchy of ones racial profile in the US is not innate, or natural but is instead a deliberate social construct created by the powers-that-be in an effort to subjugate non-white people.

White Constructions reminds the viewer that language is alive, used to craft the world, and can be constructed or deconstructed at any given time to change the way we relate to each other. Imaginary Construct invites us to reconsider and reconstruct our personal, political, and national relationship to the faulty and dangerous notion of race.

White Constructions exhibitions have been mounted in Milwaukee, WI; Baltimore, MD; Pittsburgh, PA; Washington, DC; and Tulsa, Oklahoma.