Hoesy Corona (based in the USA) is an uncategorized queer Latinx artist of Mexican descent living and working in the United States. He creates work across a variety of media spanning installation, performance, and video. He develops otherworldly narratives centering marginalized individuals in society by exploring a process based practice that investigates what it means to be a queer Latinx immigrant in a place where there are few. He choreographs large scale performances and installations that oftentimes silently confront and delight viewers with some of the most pressing issues of our time. Reoccurring themes of queerness, race/class/gender, nature, isolation, celebration, and the climate crisis are present throughout his work. Hoesy has exhibited widely in galleries, museums, and public spaces in the United States and abroad.

He lived in Mexico, Utah, and Wisconsin, before moving to Baltimore, MD in 2005 to establish a professional practice in the arts. He is a recent GKFF Artist Fellow 2019 & 2020 in Tulsa, OK. And is a former Halcyon Arts Lab Fellow 2017-2018 in Washington, DC. He is a current Nicholson Project Artist in Residence in SouthEast DC and is a resident artist at The Creative Alliance in Baltimore, MD where he lives and works.

Corona has shown compelling works and inventive sculptures fitted to the human body internationally in Mexico, Greece, France, and in the USA. Exhibiting and performing at various institutional, private, public and underground venues including among others The Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden (2017); The Kreeger Museum (2021-2022); The Watermill Center (2021); The Walters Art Museum (2021, 2017); Hardesty Art Center Tulsa (2021); The Kennedy Center (2019); The Baltimore Museum of Art (2011, 2012, 2014); Transformer DC (2016, 2017, 2018); Athens School of Fine Arts (2018); Kohl Gallery (2019); Kern Gallery (2016); The Heurich House Museum (2018); The Peale Center (2016); Songs for Presidents Gallery (2015); Gallery CA (2015); Decker Gallery (2013, 2015, 2017); Smithsonian Arts and Industries Building (2018); The Brooklyn International Performance Art Festival (2014); Greenbelt Arts Center (2015); The Fine Arts Work Center (2014, 2015, 2016); VisArts (2013); The Creative Alliance (2015); IAU College(2005); and the Haggerty Museum (2005).

Recent honors include The MAP Fund, supported by the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation and The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation 2021, an Andy Warhol Foundation’s Grit Fund Grant 2022, The Nicholson Project Artist in Residence 2021; The Municipal Art Society of Baltimore Artist Travel Prize 2020-2021, a Baker Artist Award 2021, a Merriweather District Artist in Residence 2018; an Andy Warhol Foundation Grit Fund Grant administered by The Contemporary in Visual Arts 2017; a Robert W. Deutsch Foundation's Ruby's Project Grants in Visual Art 2016-17; nominated for a USA Artist Fellowship 2017; Siren Arts Summer Residency 2018; a Light City public art commission 2017; an Ox-Bow School of Art Fall Artist in Residence 2017; a CHM Sculpture Park and Fellowship 2016-2017; a Light City Artist in Residence Winter 2016 in Baltimore's Station North; a Cafe Con Leche Latino Artist Resident in Pittsburgh,PA Spring 2016; a Fine Arts Work Center Award 2016; a Pelham Printmaking Residency 2015; was a Janet and Walter Sondheim Prize Semifinalist in 2013,2015,2017; a Maryland State Arts Council Individual Artist Award 2013; a Baker Artist Awards B-Grant (The Copycat Theatre) 2011; and was included in Creative Capital's "On Our Radar 2016. A special acknowledgment to the S&R Foundation, Alternate Roots, Foundation for Contemporary Arts, Artist Relief, OVAC, and NALAC for their meaningful support.

In addition to maintaining a prolific studio practice, he is the founding co-director of Labbodies (Jan 2014-present), a nomadic arts organization in the USA. As an independent curator his efforts include: A Monumental Absence, solo performance by Najee H.F., Confederate Monument Plinth, Baltimore, MD ; Mother/Sister/Daughter, at The Artist Run Art Fair 2017, Artscape, Baltimore, MD ; Light Happenings pt II, Light City 2017, Baltimore, MD;Labbodies Performance Art Review 2016", Spacecamp Gallery, Baltimore, MD, July 2016; "White Guilt Confessional", Solo show by April Danielle Lewi,, Artist Run Art Fair, Baltimore, MD, 2016; "Borders Boundaries and Barricades" a Performance art review, Gallery CA, Baltimore, MD, 2015 ; "Blood Cube and Spitface" solo show by Emilia Penannen, Platform Gallery (2015); "The Multiplicity and Flexibility of the Self State", Performancy-Forum-Quinquennial, Grace Exhibition Space, Brooklyn, NY, 2015 ;"Over|Under Limbo", Transmodern Festival Baltimore, MD 2014; "Fast Forward Future", Baltimore Museum of Art, Baltimore, MD 2014. "Rooms Play" and “Rooms Play 2”, The Copycat Theatre, Current Space, Baltimore, MD 2010, 2011.

since 2020 he is the co-host of La Valentina Podcast. A podcast dedicated to the celebration of queer Latinx artists and their accomplices as they navigate the art worlds. Find out more at: LaValentinaPodcast.com

**For Artwork Inquiries please email info@hoesycorona.com or visit LATELA CURATORIAL for available works**


"Art allows me to create new ways of seeing, thinking, and connecting. I recently embraced the term “uncategorized” to describe my multidisciplinary art practice.

I am an emerging artist of Mexican descent living and working in the USA. My work is executed across various media while considering what it means to be a queer latinx immigrant in a place where there are few. And in the process I examine the physical and phycological consequences of never seeing yourself reflected anywhere while simultaneously celebrating the resilience and ingenuity of immigrants despite our unique circumstances.

My performances and installations oftentimes silently confront and delight viewers with some of the most pressing issues of our time. Recurring themes of queerness, race/class/gender, nature, the climate crisis, and celebration are present throughout my work.

My artwork is best understood against the backdrop of settler colonialism, US imperialism, the politics of power, the politics of place, and the process of forced racialization in the United States.

My work is content driven but aesthetically motivated. As such I’ve developed a personal creative vocabulary that I implement in the studio when constructing a new piece. My hope is to create otherworldly colorful manifestations that seduce and draw-in the audience closer to the work while challenging their preconceived notions.” -Hoesy Corona

photo credit: The Nicholson Project | Anne Kim Photo