EXHIBITIONS > Climate-Ponchos (2017-Present)

CLIMATE PONCHOS (2017-Present) are the wearable sculptures integral to the Climate Immigrants performance series which is a multimedia installation that considers the impending plight of climate-induced global migration and its effects on people of color. The interactive objects are adorned with images that depict the archetypal “traveler,” the subjects are portrayed while in unilateral transition, wearing backpacks and hats, carrying suitcases and holding children. The Climate Ponchos are central to the political themes and critique at the core of the Climate Immigrants installation where the viewer witnesses the silent movements of anonymous persons in context with sound and video which conceptualizes the nuanced experience of migrant travel. The ponchos were comprised of mixed media including acrylic paint, acrylic medium, and vinyl on canvas, polyester, organza, and clear film.

Climate Ponchos have been featured at The Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden; Siren Arts; Transformer DC; The Corcoran Gallery of Art; The Reach at The Kennedy Center; Oklahoma Contemporary; Walters Art Museum; and Friends Artspace among others.