EXHIBITIONS > Scapegoats (2013-Present)

SCAPEGOAT IDOLS are believed to be a series of meditations on the ancient histories of blame and shame, that keep marginalized individuals in any society under constant attack in order to upkeep the absolute sanctity of the ruling class. The idols call upon the archetype of the Scapegoat to have us imagine a deliberate manipulation of individuals by skillful strategists who understand the mechanisms of victimization and who knowingly sacrifice innocent victims for the "cause". SCAPEGOAT IDOLS confront the viewer with that which has survived even after having been blamed, cast away, and left alone to die in the wilderness. The idols serve as reminders that marginalized, ostracized and othered individuals of color are worthy of worship in our society for they carry the ruling color of blame and shame that allows the ruling class to carry on "guilt-free" in lieu of facing the effects of their social constructs.