Projects > Scapegoat Idols & Thrones (2013-Present)

SCAPEGOAT IDOLS (2013-Present) This series of sculpted talisman are a meditative exploration of the indoctrination into societal othering as a form of devoted practice. In it, the deity is the Scapegoat Idol, a figurative representation of internalized acts and subconscious thought processes that sacrifice individuals within a community for their Queer existences. The SCAPEGOAT IDOLS are handcrafted with earthen materials, comprised of clay, metal, and silk to hold and transmute subdued or coveted biases through daily invocation.

SCAPEGOAT THRONES(2013-Present) The SCAPEGOAT THRONES is a study on the use of force and dominance to upkeep stratified social hierarchies. Informed by the wrapping technique developed by artist Judith Scott, the interactive pieces are sculpted using modest materials such as discarded items, recycled artwork, and found objects. This adjacency between humble construction and ornate form serves as a critique of communal caste systems and invites the viewer to consider the cost of their comfort and how it is afforded to them.