Projects > Scapegoat Idols & Thrones (2013-Present)

SCAPEGOAT IDOLS (2013-Present) is a series of sculptures that celebrate the archetype of the Scapegoat as one worthy of worship. The archetype of the Scapegoat is a meditation on those individuals in any culture that are scapegoated/blamed/cast away for their queer sensibilities and celebrates their survival, resiliency and triumph. The talisman come in various forms— some SCAPEGOAT IDOLS are carefully made by wrapping thread around wire or metal forms giving shape to piles of silk flowers— while others are small and made of clay.

SCAPEGOAT THRONES(2013-Present) is a series of sculptural chairs that consider ancient ideas of blame and shame in relationship to popular contemporary modes of up-keeping social dominance. This particular scapegoat sculpture is made using the wrapping technique developed by untrained artist Judith Scott. For this series I often start with a discarded chair frame and build on it using modest materials, or recycled artwork, until I transform them into otherworldly forms. The use of a chair frame invites the viewer to consider how their comfort is afforded to them.