Hoesy Corona (B. Mexico 1986, Based in USA)

Hoesy Corona (B. Mexico 1986, Based in USA)

Hoesy Corona is a multidisciplinary artist, project manager and founding co-director of Labbodies performance art laboratory.

"I think of myself as an artist of change. I am Hoesy Corona. I am also Dr. H. Corona. My alter egos are part of my larger inquiry into who we are and how we construct ourselves and our identities. And how so often those who exist on the margins of society have to change who they are simply to survive.

The driving inquiry that runs throughout my work is: what does it mean to be a queer latinx in a place where there are few queer latinxs and what are the psychological ramifications of not seeing yourself reflected anywhere.

My explorations into these inquiries are made apparent in my ongoing series The Nobodies (2009-present) where I explore what it means to be a disenfranchised member of society in North America by embodying the abstract concept of ‘nobody’. Nobodies are scapegoated not for who they are but rather for who they are not. And are routinely dehumanized in order to validate the violent attacks upon them.

I make colorful sculptural garments fitted to the human body to create other worldly experiences for the viewer. I revel in the simultaneous visibility and invisibility that the garments bring to the wearer. In these performances I invite audience members to play a part in the act of nobodying, an operation that consists of making somebody, nobody. “Nothing” all of a sudden becomes individualized, becomes body and eyes becomes no one.

I often intertwine the archetype of the scapegoat as a way for us to visualize the strategic selection and dehumanization of somebody made into nobody for the supposed good of the group.

My work is in a constant state of becoming. Sculptures may become garments and garments may become sculptures and leftovers may become wall works.
These are the undercurrents I bring with me everywhere I go. Wether it's an installation, sculpture or public art work these are the inquiries I am constantly referring back to.

Most recently in my series "White Constructions" I’ve been exploring notions around the calculated construction of race as it pertains to US-centric power structures.
This series explores the deliberate construction of race in North America and the strategic placement of white identities as superior to the rest. In White Constructions I limit my materials to the word 'white' cut from black vinyl on a clear surface (clear film, glass, plastic). My hope is that these constructions encourage a timely conversation around the social construct of race."
-Hoesy Corona


Hoesy Corona has shown compelling works and inventive sculptures fitted to the human body extensively in Baltimore, MD, Brooklyn, NY, Washington, DC, Provincetown, MA, Rockville, MD, Greenbelt, MD, Milwaukee, WI, and Aix en Provence, France. Presenting works at a variety of institutional, private, public and underground venues including among others The Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, The Baltimore Museum of Art, The Walters Art Museum, The Peale Museum, Songs for Presidents Gallery, Gallery CA , Decker Gallery, Delicious Spectacle, The Brooklyn International Performance Art Festival, Greenbelt Arts Center, The Fine Arts Work Center, VisArts, The Creative Alliance, and the Haggerty Museum.

In addition to maintaining a prolific studio practice, Corona is the co-founder and co-Director of Labbodies, performance art laboratory. His curatorial efforts include: "Labbodies Performance Art Review 2016", Spacecamp Gallery, Baltimore, MD, July 2016, "White Guilt Confessional", Solo show by April Danielle Lewis, Artist Run Art Fair, Baltimore, MD, 2016, "Borders Boundaries and Barricades" a Performance art review, Gallery CA, Baltimore, MD, 2015 ; "Blood Cube and Spitface" solo show by Emilia Penannen, Platform Gallery (2015), "The Multiplicity and Flexibility of the Self State", Performancy-Forum-Quinquennial, Grace Exhibition Space, Brooklyn, NY, 2015 ;"Over|Under Limbo", Transmodern Festival, Baltimore, MD 2014; and "Fast Forward Future", Baltimore Museum of Art, Baltimore, MD 2014. "Rooms Play" and “Rooms Play 2”, The Copycat Theatre, Current Space, Baltimore, MD 2010, 2011;

Recent honors include a visual arts Ruby's Project Grant in Fall 2016, a Light City Commission 2017, CHM Sculpture Park and Fellowship 2016-2017, a Light City Artist in Residence Winter 2016 in Baltimore's Station North, a Cafe Con Leche Latino Artist Resident at Most Wanted Gallery in Pittsburgh,PA Spring 2016, Fine Arts Work Center Award,Pelham Printmaking Residency, Janet and Walter Sondheim Prize Semifinalist, Maryland State Arts Council Individual Artist Award, and a Baker Artist Awards B-Grant (The Copycat Theatre). And was included in Creative Capital's "On Our Radar 2016".