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Alien Nation
Alien Nation

Alien Nation, 2017
Hoesy Corona
Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden

Shadow/Casters curated by Victoria Reis | Transformer

photo by Andy DelGiudice

Performance Description:
Alien Nation is a performance by Hoesy Corona that ruminates on the impending plight of climate immigrants globally. Twenty-three costumed performers will traverse the Hirshhorn Museum’s 2nd floor rotunda windows and embark viewers on a mysterious and evocative visual journey.
Alien Nation is part of Corona’s  ongoing series The Nobodies (2009-Present), where the artist explores what it means to be a disenfranchised member of society in North America by embodying the abstract concept of nobody.
Corona makes colorful sculptural garments fitted to the human body that create other-worldly experiences for the viewer. The artist revels in the simultaneous visibility and invisibility that the garments bring to the wearer. In these performances audience members are invited to play a part in the act of nobodying, an operation that consists of making somebody, nobody. Nothing all of a sudden becomes individualized, becomes body and eyes becomes no one.